The Difference

Once upon a time, Attorneys were accessible counselors to individuals, families and businesses.  They were always one simple telephone call away.  They recognized that communication was the most important part of their practice; no one ever had to thank them for a return call, it was their professional responsibility.

They treated their clients as if they were the most important people in the lives; establishing a personal relationship.  They knew their client as thoroughly as their legal matter.

They performed their services promptly, efficiently and fees were not just based on the nature of their matter, but on the clients’ financial circumstances. The office staff was professional, highly skilled, thoroughly trained and compassionate, working as a team with passionate sprit. They maintained state of the art technology for innovative research, speed of communication and rapid results.

They knew when to be aggressive advocates and when gentle diplomacy better served the clients’ cause.

In summary, the clients’ matter was treated as if it were their own.

Let the end of our story be our new beginnings with you, once upon a time lives at the office of Damian Lawandi LLP. Our combined 65 years of experience and with 30,000+ clients, we have practiced law in harmony with this mission statement.  Join our legal family.  You will always receive a warm welcome home.  No matter what the problem is, a new and secure personal and business relationship will be the Happy Ending.

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